Gulf fish Restaurant | Doha Festival City - Tawar Mall

Restaurant of the ancient heritage of the Gulf inherent specializes in cooking fish on the way
Gulf fish restaurant was established in 1970 in Qatar.

Interior design is inspired by the heritage of the Gulf and fishing tools used in ancient times and Aldncl Kalmas and Al-Sanbouk
The restaurant serves delicious seafood and The menu specializes in grouper , shrimp and shrimp mother Alkabbaqub and biryani kinds and types Almajabus
Brand Color
A comprehensive color palette has been developed to provide flexibility while creating a unified, recognizable appearance across all communications.
The logo color palette includes specifications for Pantone colors on coated stock (C) and HKS on natural paper (N).
When reproduced using the four-color process (CMYK), and when creating PowerPoint presentations (RGB).
The palette allows the addition of secondary colors to enrich the creative minds visual identity as a whole. Lighter tints (up to 20 %) of these colors are also allowed.
Clear Space Area
The CREATIVE MINDS logo requires serperation from the other elements around it. The space required on all sides is roughly eqivalent to the letter width of the logo type. 
It never should be less than that. The logo must always fit into the clear space area and can not be intervened by other graphical elements which could hinder  legibility of the brand.

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