Najd‭ (‬Arabic‭: ‬نَجْدٌ‭,), ‬or the Nejd‭, ‬forms the geographic center of Saudi Arabia‭, ‬accounting for about a third of the country›s modern population and‭, ‬since the Emirate of Diriyah‭, ‬acting as the base for all unification campaigns by the House of Saud to‭ ‬bring Arabia under a single polity and under the Salafi jurisprudence‭.‬

Historic Najd was divided into three modern administrative regions still in use today‭. ‬The Riyadh region‭, ‬featuring Wadi Hanifa‭ ‬and the Tuwaiq escarpment‭, ‬which houses easterly Yamama with the Saudi capital‭, ‬Riyadh since 1824‭.‬

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